Friday, July 9, 2010

Super Friend!

I finally got a new scanner so my letters and old pictures can be uploaded. This was when I went to Jennifer's house for the first time. We were both in 3rd grade. Jennifer's letter is hilarious. We read them together a couple of weeks ago and it was just crazy how we are sometimes.....the same as we are now.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Okay to be fair, here is one of my drawings

Here is one of my drawings back in the day. I was really into the Little House on the Prarie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and loooooooved to read stories about those times. Thus my drawings are of pioneers. Weird huh?

A drawing from Jennifer

Here is a drawing that I found that Jennifer gave me. I think it was to make sure that I was her best friend forever :-).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When we first started writing

Let me tell you a background history of me and Jennifer. I met Jennifer when my family moved from California to Everett, WA. I knew I wanted a Best Friend right away. She has to be my age, Korean American like me, and be able to play and have fun. I was a very social as a child. Anywho, September 1990 was around the time I met Jennifer. I saw this girl riding her bike in the parking lot of our dry cleaners (Classic Cleaners) that my parents just purchased. I found out that her parents owned the shop next door which was called "Beverage House." I immediately went up to her to say hi to her and introduced myself but she didn't really engage. A couple of days later, not knowing her or her family or anything, I went to the Beverage House and asked if Jennifer can play. Because her dad wanted us to be friends she had not choice but to play with me (my thinking). He took me to a neighbor's house where she was hanging out with a very nice lady whom we named "Gramma." Since that day we have been Best Friends and the rest is history. (What can I say, I was very persistent) These are the first letters that we wrote to each other because talking on the phone every day was not enough. Enjoy!

Here is the earliest letter I found starting with Jennifer.