Saturday, January 14, 2012


My boss went to Cancun for Christmas and while he was telling me....I totally forgot that I was there too back in 1997 with my Spanish Club. We raised money by selling beaded geckos and clipping coupons. I think I was able to have all of my trip paid that way or at least a big chunk. Here is a post card that I sent to Jennifer.
I went on this trip because another friend of mine got invited to go to Spain and I was like...I can go travel too and I did. This was also the first time my parents let me travel alone and it was really annoying. After this trip, one of the mom of these kids freaked out because her daughter got sick after the trip. Well out of the 7 or so that were so, of course one person would get sick. The mom blamed me saying I made everyone sick...well I let her know that out of everyone in the trip, I was the one that got all of the immunization shots so she shut up after that. Oh this was also the trip where during a layover in Texas, I saw Chuck Norris and got his autograph...Jennifer has the journal which has it.

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