Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Europe 2001

Back during the summer of 2001, Jennifer and I decided to backpack through Europe. Long story short, we had to tell our parents that we were on a "study abroad trip", had Shuttle Express pick us up so that they won't question why there were no other students at SeaTac, and crossed our fingers that we will get to Europe safely and have a friend of Jennifer's pick us up in Munich. Overall, we visited most of Western Europe, only spent under $3,000 each including airfare and did something which we have been wanting to do since we were kids, I think we pinky swore it.

It was a whole different story when we got back though, our parents found out we were not on the "study abroad trip" and were very upset saying they were just about to call the FBI. In the end, my dad who has not spoken this whole time finally said in a fatherly way "you guys smell like homeless".

I found some drawings that I did during the trip and I really drew pretty well back then!

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