Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing like a good talking with a Best Friend

I want to rewrite this blog and be more active. My husband and I just moved to a new house and I found more letters and journals that I wrote back when I was a kid. Boy was I detail oriented. Reading some of these were very interesting and made me realize that I was like the way I am even as a child, just now I have better grammar and more interesting things to write than what I ate for breakfast. I will post those later.

I had my best friend Jennifer stop by today and she helped me unpack some of my things. She pulled all of my turtle necks and anything that dated me to the 90's. Me: 'But I lived in the 90's." Jennifer: "That does not mean you have to look like it." Okay she is right. I do need to get rid of these...there were some other clothes but they are too embarrassing to present to the world if I want to be in the 2011's. :)

Afterwards, we talked about what we wanted to do....with our life! What do we do with our lives? Yikes! I don't know. Well we both agreed that we need to do some soul searching. Will get back to you on this..let me book this in Outlook calendar for next Friday at lunch...j/k

Here are the turtle necks below, yes I was wearing them up until now and yes I had 4 different colors, here is a picture with flash and without. I think I need to buy new clothes, ASAP!

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